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We believe in using a unique combination of professionalism and passion, of hard and soft skills, to help small to mid-sized companies find thrilling new business opportunities and accelerate growth.

We are dedicated to help our clients solve complex business situations in a very turbulent environment, while building life-long human relationships and fully enjoying the journey.

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We’re on a Mission

To boost international trade between countries located in South-East Europe.

To help mid-sized companies thrive in an increasingly globalized and competitive business environment, by offering consulting and coaching services in some of the most cutting edge, yet difficult, management areas.

To emphasize and capitalize on the amazing synergies, cultural fits and common historical backgrounds shared by SEE countries.

Our Core Values

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Industries we serve best

We stand on an impressive knowledge base and can help in most business areas, but these industries are at the top of our expertise:


From strategy formulation to narrow-scope tactics and collective implementation. Food and non-food product categories.

Industries for business consulting services-FMCG | Connectibuss Ltd

Offline & Online Retail

All known distribution channels, creative and customized distribution solutions, operations optimization.

Industries for business consulting services-Retail | Connectibuss Ltd

Distribution Systems

International retail chains, various small retail concepts, e-commerce solutions, as well as omni-channel strategies.

Industries for business consulting services-Distribution | Connectibuss Ltd

Digital Presence

Digital transformation, curated technologies adapted to each business case, digital marketing strategies and implementation.

Industries for business consulting services-Digital Marketing | Connectibuss Ltd

Geographical Coverage

Our headquarters are located in Bucharest, Romania, and our main geographical area of expertise is represented by Romania and Moldova. However, thanks to our strong team of experienced and well-connected affiliate consultants and partners, Connectibuss is able to offer its consulting services on a much larger territory, including the entirety of the Balkan region, Serbia and former Yugoslavian countries.

Moreover, our business connections go far beyond South-Eastern Europe, giving us the ability to connect with potentially any company, from any country, on any continent, creating unconventional and innovative business concepts capable of generating tremendous added value and astounding growth.

Industries for business consulting services-Geographical Covergare | Connectibuss Ltd

Business Matchmaking

We identify and connect (match) companies and people with common business interests, complementary services, expertise, technologies or business strengths.

The goal is to create synergies and realize business opportunities that mutually benefit all involved parties.

The world is full of unknown and unspoken opportunities, as mid-sized companies are usually too focused on their internal business challenges. Such companies do not realize, do not have the time, or simply cannot afford to look around them systematically, with more courage and creativity.

Like an “Avatar” (concept borrowed from the movie), connecting to their home network of synapses to not only survive, but to grow, small and mid-sized firms can prosper after connecting and accessing the surrounding business eco-systems. Countless of these so-far-ignored synergies and opportunities start to appear, potentially boosting the business to unimaginable levels of growth.

As your consultants, our role is to identify the synapses that can be brought together, training clients to “see” the network and understand “the Matrix”.

Nowadays, technology progresses so fast that most small to mid-sized businesses cannot keep up with the speed of innovations. Connectibuss can supply businesses with curated new solutions, already accommodated to their needs and pains. Often, those fits can be identified even before the pain arrives, thus offering an extremely valuable competitive advantage opportunity.

We strongly encourage and help businesses to be early adopters of new technologies and innovations, and to digitalize as much and as fast as possible. As technology becomes increasingly democratic, the costs of accessing it are becoming reasonable even for smaller companies, but the gap between the generations is growing.

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Market Entry Strategy

We help companies evaluate, understand, and seize new market opportunities.

With us, you can avoid mission-critical mistakes like low or no product/market fit, underestimating competition, and mismatched value propositions.

Many businesses want to expand profitably into new markets. They often attempt to capitalize on growing business opportunities in new geographic areas or explore new avenues of growth within their region. Either way, companies accelerate their growth when they successfully gain entry to new markets. Yet history shows that most market entry initiatives fail.

To help our clients mitigate risks and prosper in new markets, we develop a deep understanding of market dynamics and create detailed action plans.
We bring expert insights into market entry processes like market sizing, commercial assessments, competitive landscape analysis, cost-benefit analysis, supply chain structures, as well as post-entry growth opportunities.

We help clients understand the complexities of their new market, seek out suitable business partners in the local area, and objectively assess their own capabilities. Ultimately, we partner with our clients to select the optimal mode of entry considering multiple business scenarios and map out an effective investment journey.

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Business Agent Services

Whether you are seeking new customers, business partners, or qualified/screened service providers, our business consultants can help.

Let us know the business service you need.  If you aren’t sure where to start, who to call, how to find reliable service providers, what procedures to follow, give us a call.

  • Develop and qualify leads
  • Manage relationships with suppliers, buyers, partners, and shipping agencies
  • Find the right distributors and channel partners for your products
  • Follow up with tradeshow / event contacts
  • Market validation for your product or service
  • Organize business meetings (i.e. matchmaking)
  • Manage all local activities for your company
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Business Optimization

Our consulting firm can help you identify and implement new methods and processes that can make your business more efficient and cost effective.

  • Corporate and Business Unit Profitable Growth Strategies
  • Operational Improvement
  • Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Pricing and promotion optimization
  • Digital Transformation
  • Budgeting and Forecasting from a management perspective
  • Activity Based Costing and profit centers financial management models
  • Distribution channel management
  • Sales management in traditional trade distribution

Key Account Management

Key Account Management (KAM), also known as Strategic Account Management, is a process that helps sustain and expand relationships with important Key Accounts.

It involves working closely with multiple business departments to maintain and further develop the relationships with the key accounts.

In FMCG marketplaces, due to the dominant market shares held by big retail chains, the rapport of negotiation power between suppliers and clients is highly unbalanced in favor of the clients. Thus, a systematic, strategic approach is vital for suppliers in order to maintain a reasonable level of profitability and sustainability of these contracts.

Key account management (KAM) is the process of planning and managing a mutually beneficial partnership between an organization and its most important customers. Key accounts are significant to an organization’s sustainable, long-term growth and require a significant investment of both time and other resources.

In the SEE region, the combination of contrasting cultures, particular business practices, people’s mentality, multi-cultural business management teams, and very structured western-like operational procedures and rules practiced by Key Accounts lead to a “cocktail” that is most often difficult to understand and manage, especially by foreign companies. A local consultant, with 20+ years of experience in dealing with all these challenges will be able to help you design a successful strategy.

Connectibuss business consultancy firm can also organize and deliver training for your key account managers.

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Some retailers with whom we have relevant collaboration experience

The following is only a selection of the most important retailers our consultants have worked with over the years. Direct sales of hundreds of SKUs, private label contracts, consulting contracts and more.

Key Account Management Services-Kaufland logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Carrefour logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Lidl logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Profi logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Metro logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Mega Image logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Auchan logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Penny logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-CBA logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Billa logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Fantastico logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Idea logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Maxi logo | Connectibuss Ltd
Key Account Management Services-Roda logo | Connectibuss Ltd
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FMCG Private Label Development

We can assist you in building brands for both your or your partners’ businesses with surprisingly frictionless processes and methodologies.

With more than 20 years of experience in private label development, our senior consultants experienced the perspective of a manufacturer, as well as that of a client. We can help you avoid the common traps and pitfalls of complex private label projects in nowadays’ turbulent and unstable business environment.

From our perspective, the best private brand projects consist of an intelligent mix of efficiency, profitability but also human touch.

Private brands should not only be an appanage of big retailer companies, as there could be exceptional opportunities in other market segments and channels, as well. You can find several favorable strategic circumstances in every marketplace, and a well-trained eye can spot opportunities for developing private brands in the most surprising situations.

Nowadays, producers are more prepared and more willing than ever to sit together with a potential private label partner, especially if there is a win-win climate and a constructive dialogue.

With that being said, this is where our role begins! We put a lot of emphasis on the technical aspects of a private label deal, but we place even more importance on the need to build strong human connections, mutual trust, and on enjoying the journey itself!

At Connectibuss, we offer solutions and expertise in all elements of the private label process: Development – Business Strategy – Execution – Consumer Engagement.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital revolution is reshaping the customer journey, changing how customers gather information, engage with brands, define their consideration set and purchase goods and services.

We help clients get out in front of shifting customer demand and behaviors, optimizing go-to-market strategies in the new omnichannel environment and designing compelling digital experiences that drive brand preference, engagement and loyalty.

Questions we answer:

  • What will the future omnichannel shopping landscape look like, and how will it impact priority markets and product categories?
  • How is digital impacting the decision-making process across the customer journey, and how can we best influence customer decisions?
  • What is the optimal digital business model and go-to-market strategy for our business?
  • How can we optimize the digital experience for our customers to best drive preference, engagement, and loyalty?
  • How can we design digital platforms and customer offerings in a way that maximizes resonance with priority customers?
  • How can we use digital platforms and personalization to drive marketing and sales effectiveness?

Digital experience

To win with increasingly empowered, connected customers, it is imperative to create a consistent and compelling experience across customer touch points. Customers gravitate to the retailers, brands, and platforms that do the best job of delivering against their most important demand drivers.

We help clients gain a quantified understanding of customer decision influencers and demand drivers across touch points. We conduct a detailed benchmarking analysis against competitors, highlighting the most important performance gaps to address. This analysis informs the design of a superior digital experience across touch points, elevating customer engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Digital platform strategy

For many of our clients within the media and technology sectors, their customers are increasingly gravitating to digital platforms that provide a bundle of integrated, value-add offerings, and are easy to access anywhere, at any time, across a range of connected devices. We have extensive experience leveraging deep customer insight and ethnographic research to design digital platforms that delight customers, featuring pricing models that drive profitable growth, while maximizing adoption, engagement, and loyalty.

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Key Components of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Nowadays online marketing strategies drive a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional marketing. If you don’t use digital marketing currently, or you still use it sporadically, you’re likely missing out on a whole world of opportunities.

Luckily, our team is well equipped with the right set of skills, knowledge and experience to navigate you through the very challenging and, why not, entertaining, business digitalization process.

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Goals and Objectives | Connectibuss Ltd

Goals & Objectives

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Buyer Persona | Connectibuss Ltd

Buyer Personas

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Competition | Connectibuss Ltd

Competition Research

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Target market | Connectibuss Ltd

Your Target Market

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Customer Journey | Connectibuss Ltd

Customer Journey

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Website Design | Connectibuss Ltd

Website Design

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-SEO | Connectibuss Ltd

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Socail Media | Connectibuss Ltd

Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-PPC | Connectibuss Ltd

Paid Ad Campaigns

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Retargeting | Connectibuss Ltd

Re-Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Email Marketing | Connectibuss Ltd

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Mobile Marketing | Connectibuss Ltd

Mobile Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Content Marketing | Connectibuss Ltd

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Track and Measure | Connectibuss Ltd

Track, Measure & Improve

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Conversion rate optimization | Connectibuss Ltd

Conversion Rate Optimization

Digital Marketing Strategy Services-Budgets | Connectibuss Ltd

Budgets & Financing

Omnichannel Strategy. Ecommerce

Connectibuss consultancy company can help clients identify the key challenges that come about when trying to combine the marketing in the digital world with the marketing in the physical world.

Omni-channel strategy is all about a universal customer-centric buying experience, where the experience is seamless across multiple channels. 

Within multiple channels available, ecommerce plays an increasingly important role in many industries. Having in mind the huge growth rates of online sales, registered nowadays especially in SEE markets, it is a must for almost any business to take this channel seriously in consideration.

Thanks to a strong team of professional consultants specialized in this field, Connectibuss has already a long demonstrated experience in developing successful ecommerce strategies. One of the projects we are very proud of is Roxanne’s Jewellery – a leading online business playing in the very tough niche of fashion jewelry.

Training Programs and Academies

During complex business consulting projects, a need to improve some skills or abilities might be identified. Luckily, Connectibuss is able to design and deliver outstanding training programs to address such a need and to help you improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of your team.

Thanks to well calibrated partnerships with some of the best training companies on the market, we are able to offer a wide range of training and coaching programs, as well as access to some highly regarded academies and business simulations.

Training Partners

Our training partner - Soft Learning | Connectibuss Ltd
Our training partner - Sfera Business | Connectibuss Ltd
Our training partner - Diagma | Connectibuss Ltd

Our Team

  • MBA and Business Administration graduates
  • Dozens of masters, certifications and specialization courses on a wide array of business topics
  • +100 years of cumulated business “battlefield” experience
  • Demonstrated results and experience in senior level management positions within relevant companies
  • Outstanding network of business connections and strategic partnerships
  • Most importantly, an always positive attitude and an amazing appetite for performance and success.
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